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List of moderately difficult skribbl words for your new friend group (1200+ words)

That is to say that this list contains words that this list contains words that:
  1. Usually aren't instantly guess-able (like star, apple, or Nike).
  2. Can be played with a group of acquaintances (I play with a group of interns at work to blow off time)
Created this list by modifying an existing difficult word list we found online and adding a bunch of new words. If you see a stupid difficult word, it was probably a word from the existing difficult word list that I forgot to remove. (amicable and reimbursement were the type of bs I removed lol).
abraham lincoln, accordion, accounting, acre, actor, adidas, advertisement, air conditioner, aircraft carrier, airport security, alarm clock, alcohol, alert, alice in wonderland, alphabet, altitude, amusement park, angel, angle, angry, ankle, apathetic, apathy, apparatus, applause, application, apron, archaeologist, archer, armada, arrows, art gallery, ashamed, asteroid, athlete, atlantis, atlas, atmosphere, attack, attic, audi, aunt, austin powers, australia, author, avalanche, avocado, award, baby, baby-sitter, back flip, back seat, baggage, baguette, baker, balance beam, bald, balloon, bamboo, banister, barbershop, barney, baseboards, bat, beans, beanstalk, beard, bed and breakfast, bedbug, beer pong, belt, beluga whale, berlin wall, bible, biceps, bikini, binder, biohazard, biology, birthday, biscuit, bisexual, bitcoin, black hole, blacksmith, bleach, blizzard, blueprint, bluetooth, blunt, blush, boa constrictor, bobsled, bonnet, book, bookend, bookstore, border, boromir, bottle cap, boulevard, boundary, bow tie, bowling, boxing, braces, brain, brainstorm, brand, bride, bride wig, bruise, brunette, bubble, bubble bath, bucket, buckle, buffalo, bugs bunny, bulldog, bumble bee, bunny, burrito, bus, bushel, butterfly, buzz lightyear, cabin, cable car, cadaver, cake, calculator, calendar, calf, calm, camera, cannon, cape, captain, captain america, car, car accident, carat, cardboard, carnival, carpenter, carpet, cartography, cartoon, cartoonist, castaway, castle, cat, catalog, cattle, cd, ceiling, cell, cellar, centimetre, centipede, century, chain mail, chain saw, chair, champion, chandelier, channel, chaos, charger, chariot, chariot racing, check, cheerleader, cheerleader dust, chef, chemical, cherub, chess, chevrolet, chick-fil-a, chicken coop, chicken legs, chicken nugget, chime, chimney, china, chisel, chord, church, circus tent, clamp, classroom, cleaning spray, cliff, cliff diving, climate, clique, cloak, clog, clown, clue, coach, coast, cockpit, coconut, coffee, coil, comedian, comfy, commercial, community, companion, company, compare, comparison, compromise, computer, computer monitor, con, confidant, confide, consent, constrictor, convenience store, conversation, convertible, conveyor belt, copyright, cord, corduroy, coronavirus, correct, cot, country, county fair, courthouse, cousin, cowboy, coworker, cramp, crane, cranium, crate, crayon, cream, creator, credit, crew, crib, crime, crisp, criticize, crop duster, crow's nest, cruise, cruise ship, crumbs, crust, cubicle, cubit, cupcake, curtain, cushion, customer, cutlass, czar, dab, daffy duck, dance, danger, darth vader, darts, dashboard, daughter, dead end, deadpool, deceive, decipher, deep, default, defect, degree, deliver, demanding, demon, dent, dentist, deodorant, depth, descendant, destruction, detail, detective, diagonal, dice, dictate, disco, disc jockey, discovery, disgust, dismantle, distraction, ditch, diver, diversify, diversity, diving, divorce, dizzy, dodge ball, dog, dolphin, donald trump, doorbell, doppelganger, dorsal, double, doubloon, doubt, doubtful, download, downpour, dragon, drain, dream, dream works, dress shirt, drift, drip, dripping, drive-through, drought, drowning, drugstore, dryer, dryer sheet, dryer sheets, dugout, dumbbell, dumbo, dust, dust bunny, duvet, earache, earmuffs, earthquake, economics, edge, edit, education, eel, effect, egg, eiffel tower, eighteen-wheeler, electrical outlet, elf, elope, emigrate, emotions, emperor, employee, enemy, engaged, equation, error, eureka, everglades, evolution, exam, exercise, exhibition, expired, explore, exponential, extension, extension cord, eyeball, fabric, factory, fad, fade, fake flowers, family tree, fan, fast food, faucet, feather, feeder road, feeling, ferris wheel, fiddle, figment, finding nemo, firefighter, firefox, fireman, fireman pole, fireplace, fireside, fireworks, first class, first mate, fish bone, fishing, fizz, flag, flat, flavor, flight, flip flops, flock, florist, flotsam, flowchart, flower, flu, flute, flutter, flying saucer, fog, foil, food court, football player, forklift, form, forrest gump, fossil, fowl, fragment, frame, fresh water, freshwater, friction, fries, front, frost, fuel, full, full moon, fun, fun house, funnel, fur, galaxy, gallon, gallop, game, gamer, garden, garden hose, gas station, gasoline, gavel, gentleman, geologist, germ, germany, geyser, giant, ginger, giraffe, gladiator, glasses, glitter, glue, glue stick, goalkeeper, goatee, goblin, gold, gold medal, golden retriever, gondola, good-bye, government, gown, graduation, grain, grandpa, gratitude, graveyard, gravity, great-grandfather, grenade, grill, grim reaper, groom, groot, group, guess, guillotine, gumball, guru, gymnast, hail, hair dryer, haircut, half, hand soap, handful, handle, hang, hang glider, hang ten, harry potter, hawaii, hay wagon, hearse, heater, heaven, helmet, hermit crab, high heel, high tops, highchair, hitler, hockey, homework, honk, hoodies, hoop, hopscotch, hot, hot dog, hot fuzz, hot tub, hotel, houseboat, human, humidity, hunter, hurdle, husband, hut, hydrant, hydrogen, hypothermia, ice, ice cream cone, ice fishing, icicle, idea, igloo, illuminati, implode, important, improve, in-law, incisor, income, income tax, index, inertia, infect, inglorious bastards, inside out, insurance, interception, interference, interject, internet, invent, invisible, invitation, iron man, ironic, irrational, irrigation, isaac newton, island, ivy, ivy full, jackhammer, japan, jaw, jazz, jedi, jellyfish, jet lag, jig, jigsaw, joke, joker, journal, juggle, jump rope, jungle, junk, junk drawer, junk mail, justice, kangaroo, ketchup, kill bill, killer, kilogram, kim possible, kiss, kitten, kiwi, kit-kat, kneel, knight, koala, lace, lady bug, ladybug, lamp, lance, landfill, landlord, lap, laptop, last, laundry detergent, layover, leak, leap year, learn, leather, lebron james, lecture, legolas, leprechaun, letter, letter opener, lettuce, level, lice, lichen, lie, lifeguard, lifejacket, lifestyle, light, lightning, lightning mcqueen, lightsaber, limit, lion, lipstick, living room, lobster, logo, loiterer, lollipop, loonie, lord of the rings, lottery, love, loveseat, loyalty, lullaby, lumberjack, lumberyard, lunar eclipse, lunar rover, lung, lyrics, macaroni, machete, machine, macho, magnet, mailbox, makeup, mammoth, manatee, mark zuckerberg, martian, mascot, mascot fireman, mask, mast, mastercard, mat, mayhem, mechanic, megaphone, member, memory, mercedes benz, mermaid, meteor, michael scott, michelangelo, microscope, microsoft, microsoft word, microwave, midnight, migrate, millionaire, mime, mine, mine car, miner, minivan, mirror, missile, mitten, mohawk, moisturizer, molar, mold, mom, monsoon, monster, monsters inc, mooch, moonwalk, moth, mount rushmore, mozart, mr potato head, mulan, mummy, music, mysterious, myth, name, nanny, naruto, navigate, negotiate, neighborhood, nemo, nepal, nest, netflix, neutron, newsletter, night, nightmare, nike, north pole, nose, nostril, nurse, nutmeg, oar, obey, observatory, office, offstage, olive oil, olympics, one-way street, opaque, optometrist, orange juice, orbit, organ, organize, ornament, ornithologist, ounce, oven, owl, oyster, pacific ocean, pacifier, page, pail, pain, palace, pancakes, panda, panic, pantyhose, paper plate, paperclip, parade, paranoid, parent, parking garage, parley, parody, partner, password, pastry, patrick starr, pawnshop, peace, peacock, peanut, peasant, pelt, pen pal, pendulum, pepsi, periwinkle, personal, pest, pet store, petroleum, pharaoh, pharmacist, philosopher, phineas and ferb, phone, photo, piano, pickup truck, picnic, pigpen, pigtails, pile, pilgrim, pilot, pinboard, pineapple express, ping pong, pink panther, pipe, pirate, pizza, pizza sauce, plan, plank, plantation, plastic, playground, pleasure, plow, plumber, pocket, pocket watch, point, pokeball, pokemon, pole, police, pomp, pompous, pong, popeye, population, portfolio, positive, positive champion, post, post office, practice, president, preteen, prey, prime meridian, printer ink, prize, produce, professor, profit, promise, propose, protestant, psychologist, publisher, pumpkin, pumpkin pie, punching bag, punishment, punk, puppet, putty, quadrant, quarantine, quartz, queue, quicksand, quit, quiver, raccoon, race, raft, rage, rainbow, raindrop, rainwater, random, raphael, ratatouille, ratchet, ray, reaction, realm, ream, receipt, recess, record, recorder, recycle, referee, refund, regret, religion, remain, resourceful, rest stop, retail, retire, reveal, revenge, reward, rhyme, rhythm, rib, rick and morty, riddle, right, rim, rind, ringleader, risk, rival, robe, robot, rock band, rocket, rodeo, roller coaster, roommate, roundabout, rowboat, rubber, ruby, rudder, runt, rv, s'mores, safe, salmon, salt, sand castle, sandbox, sandbox bruise, sandpaper, santa claus, sap, sapphire, sash, sasquatch, satellite, saturn, sausage, saxophone, scarf, scatter, schedule, school, school bus, science, scissors, scooby doo, scrambled eggs, scream, screwdriver, script, scuba diving, scythe, seahorse, season, seat, seat belt, seed, serial killer, servant, sewer, shaft, shakespeare, shame, shampoo, sheep, sheets, shelter, sherlock holmes, shipwreck, shoelace, shopping cart, shotgun wedding, shower, shower curtain, shrew, shrink, shrink ray, sickle, sidekick, siesta, signal, silhouette, silt, simba, simpsons, skateboard, skating rink, ski goggles, ski lift, skip, skipping rope, skydiving, slack, sleep, sleet, slim shady, slipper, slump, snag, snapchat, sneeze, snooze, snore, snow globe, snowball, snowflake, soak, social distancing, socks, softball, solar eclipse, somersault, song, sophomore, soul, soulmate, soviet russia, space, space-time, spaceship, spaghetti, spare, speakers, spiderman, spirited away, sponge, spoon, spotify, spring, sprinkler, squat, stage, stage fright, stagecoach, stairs, staple, starbucks, starfish, startup, star trek, statement, stationery, statue of liberty, stay, steamboat, steel drum, stethoscope, stew, stewie griffin, sticky note, stingray, stockings, stork, storm trooper, story, stout, stowaway, stranger, strawberry, streamline, student, stuff, stun, submarine, sugar, suit, sun, sunburn, sunlight, sunscreen, superbad, superman, surfing, sushi, swamp, swarm, sweater, swim shorts, swing dancing, switzerland, swimming, syringe, system, tachometer, taco bell, tadpole, tag, tank, tattle, taxes, taxi, teabag, team, tearful, teenage mutant ninja turtle, teenager, teepee, telepathy, telephone booth, telescope, temper, ten, tesla, testify, tetris, thanos, the beatles, the dark knight, the prestige, theory, think, thread, thrift store, throne, ticket, tide, time, timeline, time machine, time zone, tin, tinting, tiptoe, tire, tissue box, toast, today, toddler, toilet paper, toll road, tomato sauce, tombstone, toothbrush, toothpaste, top hat, torch, tornado, toronto maple leafs, tourist, tournament, tow, tow truck, toy store, toy story, trademark, traffic jam, trail, trailer, train, train tracks, transformers, translate, transpose, trapped, trash bag, trash can, trawler, treatment, trench coat, tricycle, trip, trombone, truck, truck stop, tsunami, tub, tuba, tug, tugboat, turret, tutor, tutu, twang, twitter, umbrella, unemployed, united states, university, upgrade, vacation, vampire, van, vanilla, vanquish, vegan, vegetarian, vehicle, vein, venn diagram, vest, villain, violent, vision, vitamin, voice, voicemail, volleyball, wag, wall-e, wallet, wallow, wasabi, washing machine, water, water buffalo, water cycle, water vapor, wax, wealth, weather, wedding, wedding cake, weed, welder, werewolf, wet, wetlands, whale, whatsapp, whey, whip, whiplash, whisk, wifi, wig, wikipedia, win, wind, winnie the pooh, wish, witch, wizard, wolverine, woody, workout, world, wormhole, writhe, yacht, yak, yard, yardstick, yawn, yeti, yin yang, yoda, yodel, yolk, youtube, zamboni, zen, zero, zeus, zip code, zipper, zombie, zombieland, zoo
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[Table] IamA guy who accidentally started a soy candle business while high. AMA! (Second time)

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Date: 2013-12-21
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Questions Answers
Why soy? It was the first wax I stumbled upon when I started my candle making supply search. The more I learned about it, the more I liked it. It's made from soy beans, so it's renewable, and all the beans are grown in the Midwest. I grew up on a farm, so I know how important it is to support farmers. It's completely biodegradable and nontoxic. You can literally eat it. When I started researching paraffin wax, I was shocked. It's a byproduct of petroleum refinement, and contains carcinogens that cause cancer. It's not renewable, the process of getting it is quite damaging to the environment, and the wax burns faster than soy.
Hm, interesting stuff. Are most candles made of paraffin wax? Yes. I imagine the fact that it wont spoil like soy wax will is the reason it's used by large candle companies.
What is the half-life of a soy candle? One year.
I bought two candles from you in early October; Oakmass and Amber and Falling Leaves. By far the greatest candles I've ever had. They last long, smell insanely nice and actually scents up a room, and you're local-ish! When I order more, can I do a home pick up and burn one with you? Candle burning not required. You're too kind! I'm glad you liked them. Yeah, we can definitely burn up if you want to. Save a little cash on shipping, too.
I hope you don't wind up murdered. We can carry concealed weapons in Wisconsin.
Are you in Madison? Madison is kinda weird, but I love it. I'm just outside of Madison.
Do you ever smoke with the soy candles man? Who's he?
On a scale of 1 to Unicorns, how high were you? Banana.
So I could get a candle named CUNT_DESTROYER? Yes. If you tell me to name it that, I will. It's your money, yo!
Have you considered applying for Shark Tank? That would be an interesting episode. I would never get a deal on that show, nor would I want one. Giving up any ownership is not an option. This is all mine. I would, however, love the national publicity. That would help my growth tremendously.
Just have a really nice intro, of explaining your candles, and all of that stuff so people get interested. Then just bomb the interview, act like a dumbass so you get no offers, have a big billboard with your website and stuff behind you. There ya go. Alright. Somebody call Hollywood and get me on that show!
For someone who isn't a candle connoisseur, what is your favorite scent? recommendations? I have a lot of favorite scents. Oakmoss and Amber is earthy and sweet. Caribbean Teakwood is dark and leathery. Blueberry Cheesecake makes you want to eat the candle, itself... Those are just a few of my faves, but I really like most of the scents I offer.
But CAN you eat the candles? It is just soy right... Without scent oil and dye, you could eat the candle. Soy wax is actually a really good skin moisturizer. Mix a little extra virgin olive oil into pure soy wax, and say goodbye to dry skin. I should start offering that...
What candle best covers up the smell of pets? All of them are scented strongly, so they'll do a good job. Except for maybe a scent like Rain, or Ocean Mist... They are just a lighter scent. Strong, but light.
Anything special you do to prevent frosting? Frosting is a tricky one... I can't give away my secrets...I've spent months trying different environments to let the candles cure in...but I've eliminated it as well as I can. Most candles have none, but a few have a little patch or two of frosting. The appearance of frosting is a good indicator of your candle being made with 100% soy wax, though, so it ain't all bad.
For those of us who don't know, what is frosting and why would you want to prevent it? Frosting is when the wax crystallizes during the curing process. It does no harm to the candle, it's just not pleasing to the eye for some people.
So pretty much frosting is a little tiny ugly mark on the candle? It can be tiny marks, or cover the whole thing. Most of it depends on the curing process, but they are still sensitive to rapid temperature drops after the wax is set.
Would you consider making a subscription candle service? I burn candles all day every day it would be awesome not to need to lug them from the store every week. That's a cool idea. How would I go about doing that?
Let me know if you need help with the set-up :-) I use Wordpress for my site, and Woocommerce for my cart. Will those work? I will need help with the set-up.
I must of missed the first ama and the repost in trees. But i need the story on how you started a soy candle business while high. got any tips for a stoner who is trying to start his own company? whats your favorite scent you have? I was high, staring at a candle burn for a long time just thinking about stuff. Then I realized that I couldn't smell that fancy Glade candle at all. I wondered if I could make my own candles better than Glade. So I browsed candle making supplies online, ordered 10 pounds of wax, 2 dozen jars, and some lilac scent oil. Several minutes later, I completely forgot I had done all that. Didn't think about it again until boxes showed up at my door. I had the "oh yeah, that's right!" moment, and got to work. I made all the candles and gave them away to friends and family. They liked them so much, they started requesting scents and paying me money for them. Then, local stores started contacting me to let them sell my candles. A few news papers interviewed me about my business, as well. It just keeps growing. And all I wanted to do was see if I could make a candle better than a air freshening company. I can assure you I have succeeded in doing that.
My tip would be to find something you think you can do better than what's out there, and then do it.
My favorite scent right now is Winter Cabin.
Please tell me you told the news outlet's that you were high when you started your business. "I was lying on my couch, staring at a candle for what seemed like hours..."
That was the closest I've come.
Do you sell on amazon? No, but somebody recently gave me the idea to sell there. I look to expand my presence online quite a bit in the new year.
How do you get stores to sell your candles? Have you ever thought of outsourcing production to China? Some stores contacted me about selling my stuff. With others, I would just walk into a store with a couple candles and sell them on why they should carry my candles. I would never move production to China. I would like to become the largest candle company in the US, with everything made right here.
Was there a time where you weren't sure you could be successful because it was an idea you got while high? Not for that reason, but there have been times when I wondered how I would make people aware of my products. How would I become successful if nobody outside of southern Wisconsin has heard of me? I worried about stuff like that. Then, I did my first AMA, and the exposure from Reddit helped build a coast to coast customer base that to this day continues to grow.
You seem to have great ideas when stoned. Do you come up with your new products while high? I ask a lot of questions. I ask people what they want. I'll be adding a 16 ounce candle in a glass container, soon. Double wicked...just have to work out the right wick combination... People have been asking for a larger size, so I'll sell a larger size. It's your money, you know? If you want me to make something that I don't have, and I can get the stuff to make it, I'll do it.
Do you use hemp wicks, and if no, why not? I haven't tried them yet, but I'm always trying new wicks to find the perfect one, so I'm sure in the future I will eventually try them. Whether or not I end up using them is dependent on how they perform.
I'd love to try your candles if you found a way to use wooden wicks. I found a wood wicked candle about a year ago and burned it sparingly just so that I could enjoy it longer (the sound is just heavenly), but now I can't seem to find another. TL;DR: Maybe try wooden wicks? :D Wooden wicks are on the horizon! Stay tuned...
How do your wax melts compare to the name brand (Scentsy) melts? Definitely thinking about buying some tonight. The only way for you to find out, is to try them. But, mine honestly blow scentsy's away. My wax melts are 6 ounces, compared to scentsy's 3. The cubes are one ounce each, and I get at least 5 days of noticeably strong scent release while keeping the warmer going 24 hours a day. Then, you'll get a few more days of adequate scent release. If you try them and don't think they're better, send them back and I'll refund your money. I've offered that return guarantee since I started, and haven't had a single thing sent back to me. I'm pretty sure you'll like mine more.
Can your melts be used in a Scentsy warmer? Being from Wisconsin myself and a warmer user you have me very close to switching my business. You certainly can!
Did you get a business license? If so, what kind? No.
How much money have you made from these soy candles? Is your stock public? I'm a one man operation who has reached the point of outgrowing his kitchen, and moving into a larger work space. The money has been a nice boost to my income, but it's nothing I can survive on by itself. No, stock is not public...I hope it never is.
Does this mean you have a day job? What do you do other than make and sell candles? Yeah. I work for a place that makes reed switches and various sensors for all kinds of applications.
Where are you based out of? South central Wisconsin.
Is that near Eau Claire? I'm in Waterloo. Just outside of Madison.
I'll be going to Madison for school in January. I may have to stop by and get a gift for someone. Or, you know, candles are awesome too. If it was okay to stop by, would there be a potential sniffing of various scents available? Also you made Bacon specifically in time for the AMA, didn't you? I usually have candles ready to be shipped out that you could smell. I started offering bacon a couple months ago due to demand from my previous exposures on Reddit. Give 'em what they want...
I go to the UW! They don't let us burn candles in our dorm, though. :( I make wax melts, too. If you buy a warmer, you can use my melts!
Have you consulted with any other self made entrepreneurs on how to make your operation fully sustainable? What, if any tips have you gotten? All of them tell me to keep doing what I'm doing. I've been trending up since the beginning, so if I keep growing at the pace I have been, I'll be there in a few years. I'm in no hurry. I want to do things right and maintain a top-notch product.
Is this the plot of Our Idiot Brother? Did Paul Rudd steal your life to make a movie? Yes he did, but how can you be mad at Paul Rudd?
Would you ever make a peony scented candle? Peonies are my favorite flowers and I haven't found a peony candle ever and I really like your candles. Also, I think this is really cool what you're doing. I hope it all works out! I'm getting one for my best friend for Christmas. I can get that scent. Next time I order supplies, I'll pick some up. Thanks!
Whats your company name? Mack's Olfactory
I see you have scent melts! Are those also soy based? If so, do they last longer than non soy based ones? Am I just silly and all the wax is the same wax for your products? Everything I make uses 100% soy. I've never used paraffin ones, so I don't know, but everyone tells me mine are stronger and last longer than Scentsy's.
Well, just bought 4. Wondered if you had ever seen a coiled candle Link to I've always thought they looked cool. What's the worst smelling candle you've made? Like you were going for pineapple, but ended up with vomit. Thank you for trying them! I've never seen a candle like that before, but it's cool as hell! All of the scents I use come pre-bottled, so I'm not mixing anything myself. But, I can't stand the Banana Bread and Coffee scents. I just don't like them.
Do you plan on ever mixing your own scents? No. I don't have time for that. And I can buy thousands of different ones premixed.
Where would I go to be able to purchase one of these amazing candles? I'm being a little lazy and can't figure out how to search for this. Link to my website
I love you so much. I shared your candles with my peoples on facebook. NINJA EDIT: They are also cheaper than I thought they would be! I'm so excited. I love you, too! Thank you for sharing my link. I hope you enjoy them!
How fast is your shipping time? Do you offer overnight or next day? I hadn't heard of your candles before, and I know some people who would over them for Christmas presents. I make them to order, and I use priority mail from the USPS. They'd never get to you before Christmas. Sorry.
Hey you might not know, but are they GMO soybeans? Just curious. "The short answer is no. Only a very small percentage of the total US production of soy wax is organic. About 98% of the soybean harvest has been either genetically modified (GMO) or non-GMO mixed in with GMO soybeans. All of the soy wax in the US is made by just four companies, and none of them currently process organic soy oil into candle wax at this time."
Wish your stuff was cheaper to ship to Canada. I remember we traded PM's last time you posted, but it just didn't make sense to pay that much for shipping. What are some scents you thought would turn out nicely, but ultimately failed? I wish it was cheaper, too! Dozens of Canadians have wanted to buy, but nobody wants to pay $25 shipping costs. If a certain scent doesn't turn out nice, I'll try it from a different manufacturer. None of the marijuana scents have turned out nice, though. They don't smell anything like the real thing.
Is $25 a flat rate? That wouldn't be too terrible overall, if it was a big order. I'm in Canada and I see at least 8 scents that I would have to have :P. The weight has to stay under 4 pounds. Go over that, and the price skyrockets.
Ah, yeah that makes more sense. Approximately how many 8 oz candles would that be? 3.
That's really cool man. Think you could easily make candles in a low-resource environment? I'm a Peace Corps Volunteer who's got no fridge and no reliable electricity or running water- think I could do it? If you can start a fire and melt wax to a specific temperature, yes.
Simpsons or Family Guy? Both. I've been watching the Simpsons since they were on the Tracy Ullman show, and I enjoy the ridiculousness of Family Guy.
You're locked in a room with the CEO of ikeas teenage son and you have to choose what to watch between the two for the whole next eight days... If that's the scenario, then I choose Simpsons because I could easily watch the Softball episode over and over again for 8 days.
Damn it, Mattingly! I thought I told you to trim those sideburns!
Alright I'll buy your candles. Pleasure doing business with you.
Who's your favorite cast member on Friends? Don't know. Never watched it.
I was hoping for the answer Chandler... Ha! Nice.
Piggy Wiggly exists that far north? Always thought that was a southern thing. They're all over Wisconsin.
I'm actually making soy candles tomorrow for Christmas presents- any tips? Also, I was thinking about adding candy canes because they're gonna be peppermint scented. Would that be okay?? Be gentle when stirring in the scent, and pay attention to temperature details. I wouldn't add candy canes to a candle...unless you love mayhem.
off, Macks Olfactory is very clever and made me giggle. But my question is, have you ever tried anything like this before(starting your own business) and if things were to take off do you think you can keep up with the demand? Thanks for the ama and best of luck. I will be ordering soon! I've never done anything like this before. My dad ran two businesses, farming and a dump truck contracting company, so I can fall back on him for advice and whatnot, but so far I've done everything on my own. Promoting on Reddit has sometimes overwhelmed me with orders, and it would take a couple months to fill orders, but I needed that to find out what I had to do to keep up with the demand. Upgrading my equipment and production capacity will resolve that. I'll be able to make dozens of candles an hour in the near future.
Do you have a Marijuana scent? I haven't found one that smells anything like the real thing. I wont offer it if it's garbage.
I'd love to get some of these mailed to australia, would that be possible?? Shipping to Australia is over $40, unfortunately.
Hey Mack. I just placed another order a couple days ago. Will it make it by Christmas? Probably not, unfortunately. I just finished up all the orders placed before December 15th. Nothing placed after that has shipped yet.
Does the bacon scented candle really smell like bacon? And if so, would you ship to the UK? It has a Bacos smell to it, but it's not that bad.
Whats cent would be the best to have sex to? Long story short, I had a 14 hour sex marathon with this woman I worked with that started as a joke, but ended up happening. I had strawberry candles burning the whole time. To me, that is the best scent to have sex to.
How profitable is this business? Better than minimum wage? Also have you tried making any candy scents? Specifically chocolate. It's profitable. I'd have to sell a lot to live off the income, which will become easy to do once I start selling a lot because buying a ton of wax and jars all at once will save me tens of thousands of dollars compared to what I'm paying now in smaller quantities.
I'll look for a chocolate scent for you.
How can I be more like you? I really don't know.
What's your opinion on higher-end, "designer" candles? For example, Comme Des Garcons and Cire Trudon. Do you think that your candles compare, in quality? How did you learn to make candles? Would you consider apprenticing, or something like that, at a company like Cire Trudon to increase your candle-making prowess? Rip off. Mine may not look as fancy, but I'll go head to head with anyone when it comes to how well the candle can scent a room. And you'd have to be crazy to spend almost $100 on a 9 ounce candle...
Do you take bitcoin? No, but I should probably start. I laughed at the notion a few months ago when they were about $110... Kicking myself for that one.
How did you come up with the money to get started? I have an idea and no clue where to go from here. It only cost me about $100 to get started.
My only question is this: Where the hell were you a month ago when I was trying to figure out what christmas gifts to buy?! Hopefully, we'll both be around for a long, long time. There will be more Christmas's. More birthday's. Mack's Olfactory will be right here.
Would it be possible to make a candle that smelt like a fireplace? Would be nice for the apt. dwellers. I can and will do that.
Leg hair shavings? Okay. EDIT: I suck at jokes. That sounds like a wonderful idea, but I'd rather use that money to buy Christmas gifts for my family during this season. I've spent too much on myself already! That's the first thing I thought of, too. I didn't understand how hair was going to help me match scents.
You've mentioned before you're able to get pretty much any scent for someone who wants it. What is this range limited by? Is there a catalogue of scents to choose from besides those on your site? The range is limited by Google's ability to find the scent for me.
Is the business how you make your living? Not yet. I still have to work a full time job, which makes making candles difficult, especially when you get 60 orders dumped on you all at once like what just happened to me... I'll hopefully get to that point in a few years.
Where do you get the scents from? Do you just add a couple of drops of "blueberry" and get blueberry candles? This sounds very nice, btw. I hope you can maintain the quality and the vibe... I buy all the scents pre-bottled and highly concentrated.
Super late to this, but I would like to get some of your wax melts. What warmeburnewhatever it is do you recommend, and how exactly do you use them/how long do they last? Do you run the warmer constantly, or in cycles? I recommend any that has a 20-25 watt bulb in it. To use them you simply break off a cube, like getting an ice cube out of the tray, and you toss them into the warmer. Mine will emit a strong scent for about 5 days running 24 hours a day, then you'll get adequate scent for another few days. You can run the warmer whenever you want. It doesn't have to be all the time.
What's the difference in wax melts and breaking off chunks of candle wax to melt? Also, how long do your wax melts last? The candle wax I use for containers is a softer wax than the blend I use for the wax melts. The container wax is like soap. The wax melt wax is firmer and more brittle. One of my wax melt cubes will emit strong scent for about 5 days, being on 24 hours a day. Then, they will emit adequate scent for a few more days after that.
I used to joke about manly saw dust scented products... any chance that could come in a candle? I'll look for sawdust scent oil. If I can find it, I'll sell it.
Hello! Checked out your website and was wondering what your wicks are made out of? I'd like to purchase some for a pregnant friend and I've read about avoiding wicks with lead, and to look for cotton? Thank you Lead wicks aren't around anymore. Just like lead paint and leaded gas is no more. My wicks are made of cotton.
After reading through this AMA I would like to buy some candles, live in Sweden. Will you ever start to ship internationally? If I can find cheap shipping, yes.
This is awesome. Do requests cost extra? I really love sunflowers. I can get sunflower scent oil. Next time I order supplies, I'll pick some up. There's no extra cost.
What do you use to add scent to candles? And do you make it yourself? I buy pre-bottled, highly concentrated scent oils.
Dude I have a candle business too!!! Lol. How many candles can you make per batch? Right now, 7. But last night I bought equipment to be able to make dozens at a time.
Soy wax also burns at a lower temperature, so if you spill it on your skin (or put it there on purpose -- whatever floats your boat) you are less likely to get burned. It also cleans up with soap and water unlike regular wax. Soy wax is awesome! Do you ever refill containers for people? People who buy them locally will return the jars for me to reuse.
Have you ever made a pot-scented candle? Several, but none of them have smelled like the real thing.
Did you make the first candle, or find somebody who would? I've made every single one I've ever made.
Do you have a dog named Willie Nelson? No. I have a cat named KitKat.
Question two: have you seen our idiot brother? Yes. Paul Rudd stole the story of my life and made a movie.
If you do custom scents can you do one that smells like a Douglas Fir? The vast majority of Christmas/Pine/Tree smells just all smell like bad air fresheners to me. Like that little pine tree people put in their cars. I'd absolutely love a candle that actually smells like a Christmas tree. I will search for that.
I'm late as hell to the party, but i was curious if your business as it stands now is profitable/sustainable? It's been profitable since day one. If it keeps growing the way it has over the past 2 years, I should be able to live off the income. Fingers crossed!
What's your gross revenue and net profit? I'll let you know once my taxes are done.
Not anymore... That's why Mark Cuban is my favorite billionaire. Dude is good at making money, but he understands that there needs to be a fairness to it, otherwise it becomes harder for the little guy to make it...just like he did.
You make me a candle that smells even remotely like Angel Whispers from Glade and I'll be a huge customer. As soon as I found that scent they discontinued it. I can get you that scent... Next time I order supplies, I'll buy some.
Call it "Pisces Dream" and you'll be my hero! Send me a pm when you get some made. You got it!
WOAH! What a great idea! You should definitly have a website or something that a customer can go online and easily pick out a nice scent they like and be able to have it named after them! [3]+ I make all the labeling myself, so if people ordered something but wanted the name changed to whatever, I can do that. Just put in the comments when ordering that you want the name changed.
I will snap order 5 of those bitches. Now, if you can make a cherry/peppermint blend, and call it "Serenity", you will receive 10 additional orders from me. I will be ordering that scent on Monday. I don't know how shipping will be with all the holidays coming, but check back in a week or two, and I will have "Pisces Dream" ready to go...along with several other new scents. I'll look for a cherry/peppermint blend, too.
You're a bad motherfucker. Gettin shit done. The candle industry isn't going to revolutionize itself...
Oh! Oh! Oh! Glade used to make a soy candle called "earthly awakening" that I was obsessed with. It was also discontinued. If you can make a replica of this you've just earned yourself another life long customer. I can't find a replica of that scent, but Amazon has a six pack of them available. There's only one left, so you better hurry! It's $56.
Depending on the laws of the state it may not be required, nor be applicable. Some areas, like my state (Colorado), have no such thing as a "business license"... Instead, there are forms and licenses with different names and purposes, which may be optional depending on the nature of the business. I've asked several business owners around town if I need any business licenses, and they say no. I might need a sellers permit, though.
If you could make a eucalyptus scented candle I'd be pretty keen on it. Straight eucalyptus?
You totally should do this AMA with a butcher and a baker... for science. Besties.
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[Table] IAmA: We Are A Blackmarket Internet Vendor that's sold over SR, BMR, and survived throughout! AMA!

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Date: 2013-11-11
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
What is your views on 2.0? Will you be waiting to set up shop on there? Also, do you have confidence in the administration to run a safe market? We are staying far from it. They were supposed to be a decentralized open source platform that ran on .onion and .2ip. They claimed they would release their source code open source.
As of now they have yet to deliver on some of the fundamental framework they (claimed) to be setting up.
They also rely heavily on the fact ehy were SR Admins - they are not Silk Road admins. They are the forum moderators, which have very little if nothing to do with the actual Silk Road backend.
They post a picture of the FBI SR bust is just a sign that they are immature and trying to "poke" LEO.
They have failed to address the fact that their staff should be highly scrutinized with the recent flips, but they do not seemed concerned.
Lastly they claim to be professional yet are trying to roll out a un-developed platform - the admin is actively changing the code as he releases new features as some do not work as intended.
This is SR2.0 - why no testing? Why so eager to roll it out undeveloped? Why stagger features claiming it to be to control traffic yet they are resorting to changing fundamental site coding.
We are staying far away from the major markets for the time being.
Also I don't know how you can say the developers are being unprofessional when your landing page directs users to connect to your site via tor proxy. Our .com landing page has our direct .onion and .i2p as well as a .to proxy that is highly advised against.
I believe there was always a silent developer besides DPR on the old silk road team, while what I say is conjecture I think it's not fair to say "they are not Silk Road admins." Apologies, we did mix up the two. The points remains that the admins were not admins of the site but rather moderators.
Well put. Single developer that is slightly misguided. He wants to release 24/7 video streaming over .i2p and .onion and does not seem to know how to remain bandwidth efficient. This includes "situations that are not conspiracy theories" which seem to us like they may be broadcasting conspiracy theories as well. Aside from that they do seem promising although they do need a redesign on their site and subreddit.
How about /silkroadreloaded.
Please show where sr 2.0 said it was going to be 'a decentralized open source platform that ran on .onion and .2ip. They claimed they would release their source code open source.' We mixed up 2.0 and reloaded to some extent, apologies. Original statement corrected.
If it's highly advised against then why do you supply it? We don't supply it, it's a proxy extension. It will work with any .onion site.
We offer the link because simply visiting our site is not illegal, the backend does not log any data, and orders have the option of being placed through PGP encrypted email separate of the site.
Last question, what market in your opinion holds the most promise? Bad wolf? Bad Wolf.
The Marketplace.
Link to bad wolf? They are still developing their site(s) but they have a subreddit at /badwolfhosting
Did you had any legal issues envolving those transactions or were some members of your staff busted by the police? Are you affraid that someday that might be an issue? We had no legal issues from the bust as we were on vacation (we cashed out our BTC bank to buy more grow equipment, increasing our yield) and received news of the SR bust 3 months into our vacation. Needless to say we were relieved.
None of our staff have ever had any legal issues related to this operation.
We are concerned about possible future issues involving staff, however the group we have is reliant on each other and has equal involvement. There are very few situations where one member of our staff would have to rely on releasing confidential information as we have moved completely away from domestic transport (non-blackmarket) sales.
How do you see the future of the drugs business, do you think this will become the go to method for selling and buying drugs? The future is quite promising as long as people that use these services start practicing personal security. This is absolutely the best, safest, and the future go to way for drugs.
While you do trade off convenience for anonymity and less risk, you also usually end up with a better product as well.
Why is everything so damned expensive? Our products or blackmarket items in general?
How do you vet your new staff? Ever turned down someone on a gut instinct? We have two types of staff - the ones that physically know each other are as close as family (quite literally), and we have very no personal staff that we question beyond the normal capacity (we are blackmarket vendors, we all get overly paranoid sometimes).
As far as remote staff, we simply maintain anonymity and make sure that no information is given that could ID us. These are mostly just IT outsourcing for data entry or small scripts.
We have turned down several members that have either accepted a job or those that simple message us asking if we need staff. Most of these have been blatant LEO.
LEO. Law Enforcement Officers
If you don't mind me asking, how much profit did you acquire?
Simply investing $5,600 in BTC when they were around $10 and selling at around $190 made us $110,000 - and this was entirely legal (although the actual amount received was much lower, to the amount of around 70%).
As of 6 months ago we had 1,270BTC total transaction over both sites. This equates to, at the current market rate of $320 per BTC, an amount of $406,400. However, we traded when they were multiple rates so the actual amount is closer to $200,000 in the last year.
DO you save your money to invest in your operation or do you save and spend on luxurious items? We save for business ventures, although paying 4 staff makes it considerably less per person.
Why? How can you feel so safe when you promote yourself like this? (actual question, not rhetorical) We do not expose ourselves in any way, and assume that in any possibility exists of data leaks then we assume that data compromised.
We use TOR and I2P over VPN. For some applications we use TOR over I2P over VPN.
We always use PGP encryption, and have native live encryption for all of our terminals.
Lastly cops are not our concern, intelligence agencies are. Despite the view on Law Enforcement we (in our own view) support our local law enforcement in our area (not suggesting all police departments are as fine and to the books as ours), so we don't have the "We Hate Cops" attitude - they are simply doing their job and are the lower level of enforcement.
When you say "TOR Over I2P over VPN" do you mean that you combine them or do you just prefer to use TOR and I2P on different situations. And thanks for doing this AMA. In extreme situations we connect to a VPN, then connect to I2p, then configure TOR to run through I2P.
By making this thread and reddit account i assume you could still not be traced? Of course not.
How do you justify using VPN after the NSA PowerPoint came out and revealed a few dozen of the top VPNs were already compromised, back in 2007 or so. Do you just ignore the threat of intelligence agencies and hope they wouldn't risk exposing "parallel investigations" to bust you? We are not effected as we only use private VPN's.
Do you feel like what your business does is ethical? Do you thinnk law enforcers trying to catch you are in the wrong? We do feel it is ethical. We don't supply anything other than cannabis, a drug that has been proven time and time again to not be the horrible substance as portrayed by 1930's culture. We take to a more modern culture in the belief (and supporting scientific evidence) that while cannabis does has negative side effects, it's positive side effect outnumber the bad effects significantly.
THC and CBN can not only shrink but help prevent some cancer growth.
CBD is a natural pain reliever. Just CBD does not get one "high".
The Law Enforcement are absolutely in the right. We do not expect even a LEO that may side with us to have that effect his job. We are doing something blatantly illegal in US jurisdiction ad we expect nothing less than them doing their job as required.
While we are not open about this business, we do support our local Police Department in events as they have a generally "by the books" reputation compared to some more corrupt areas.
What do you mean you "support our local Police Department in events?" Monetarily? If so, why? How does this benefit you? Our local PD still has police events/charities/fundraisers.
Great food and upstanding charitable members of the community are not suspected of international trafficking.
By "Great food" do you mean Los Pollos Hermanos? We believe that's reserved for DEA charities.
How do you export your 'goods' safely across the world without them being intercepted? private shipping companies? or do you only supply nationally and use private mailing companies such as fedex? United States Postal Service & meticulously careful packaging.
USPS requires a warrant to search, and with the recent bankruptcy of USPS they are even lower staffed than ever.
With a mix of around $10 spent on packaging alone (not postage) we make sure no orders are detectable.
I am wanting to order from one of these types of sites, but I am worried about the receiving end, and the risks. What can you say to alleviate those concerns? First, always research your vendor. All the security in the world doesn't matter if the end recipient is untrusted.
That being said, always use PGP. Never send messages without encryption.
If you are concerned with your home address being shipped to then we've never had issues with PO boxes, just make sure a signature is not required.
Never order to a fake name, vacant address, or large distributed mailing centers such as dorm rooms.
Why is it a bad idea to order to a fake name? After all, there's plausible deniability either way. USPS keeps a constantly updated address database. If the name doesn't match the address you run the risk of a package being flagged.
Why do you ship bud? Is it for the money? Ethics or some other personal reason? Money for sure. Locally we can sell cannabis for around $10 a gram, however we would much rather keep a streamlines anonymous exportation plan rather than deal on the "streets".
I'm guessing you're from a state that has legal medicinal bud at the very least, so why not go legit and sell to dispensaries and/or other legal persons? Sure, the money may not be as great, but you lose a lot of risk of LE busting you. On a side note, what kind of money do you make legally vs illegally? $1000 per pound more when you sell online? I'm curious. We make around 25% to 40% more selling online. We feel that the risk is worth the benefits.
If drugs were legalized, would you see that as ultimately a good thing or a bad thing for your business? Good. Cannabis sales don't seem to be hurt as much as harder drug trades.
How does shipping work? (Of course I don't expect you to reveal your secrets, maybe an example of how it could look like hypothetically) Multiple layers of mylar and vacuum seal, opaque layers, and false items.
Was any of your packages ever discovered before reaching it's destination? In our individual days we had a few intercepted, but this was before we were even selling online. We have since improved very much.
At that point, doesn't the government try to arrest you? No, they don't have any information. No fingerprints, biological material, legit but false return address, anonymous tracking.
What's BMR? Black Market Reloaded.
Can you talk about how common it is for your customers to encrypt their address when they message you? What proportion of your customers would PGP encrypt ordering instructions, and what percentage would send you their address in cleartext? About 10% of customers encrypt their address. That's why we implemented automatic encryption on our order form.
Would it be likely that anyone who had a plaintext shipping address in a dealer's inbox when the cops imaged the SR server had their address compromised? Absolutely. You'd be surprised how many based on our personal experience, there are a large amount of buyers that are probably quite nervous at the time.
How did you get into all of this (deep web?)? One of our members was a technically oriented individual that was looking into Bitcoins as a means to invest in our grow operation. We were a couple hours away from going to CVS to drop off money for BTC when we stumbled across the alternate BTC uses - including Silk Road.
From there we bought an account next day, and started probing everything we could about the site trying to prove it was a scam or LEO.
When we couldn't, we started vending. The first week was one of the only times we came too prepared - we expected 4 pounds and got around a quarter pound ordered our first week, grams and 8ths.
The second week we met 2 pounds and had enough to establish our "lifetime goal".
Over the last 2 years we have seem over 1000 BTC in sales, markets rise and fall, over 2000 unique customers an over 3000 unique shipments, 1,293 PGP keys (although most are not longer valid for contact as they use tormail), and almost enough cannabis to fill up a deuce and a half.
What do vendors do when a package gets lost? Has this ever happened to you? Refund. The return address isn't our address so no worries on us being busted.
We hd a few packages get lost before we were online vendors.
I guess by implication this means you write a return address on the package, presumably to avoid raising suspicions?? if so - what sort of address?? Every package should have a return address, not putting a return address is a very obvious flag.
Whose address do you use? Are you using a real person's address, someone not connected with your website? If so, don't you feel guilty that you might get them into trouble? Always use a legitimate return address, never a fake one.
But is it yours (or someone connected with your business), or someone else's? The return address is a valid address that checks out with USPS by comparison of the name and address. False return addresses can flag a package.
Okay, you're clearly using someone else's address, since you won't give me a straight answer. I don't agree with you doing that; if you did that to me and a package were opened, I would lose my professional licence. You are asking a blackmarket vendor about specific address details and where they ship their items from, no reputable vendor would give you a detailed answer.
That being said, the return addressee is not liable as every single vendor uses a return address that is not theirs.
Do you expect us to use our personal business address?
I used to use a vendor in Holland until shipments failed to show. Are your customers protected against this and if so how? That experience put me off buying from nets- although I'm thinking about having another go. Do you ship to Europe? We do ship to Europe, we offer tracking and if the tracking indicates a package does not arrive we send an automatic refund after 12 days or at request. We previously offered reshipments on BMR and SR, however we found that often it is simply a logistics problem that cannot be fixed by a reship.
Whats your grow set up like and are you planning any breeding projects so you could sell your own specific strains? Eb And Flow with drip ring setup, (16) 10 gallon grow containers per 55 gallon reservoir. All natural nutrients used, chilled and decontaminated water (we have water table issues in our area), redundant water pumps and overflow prevention.
Each system (pumps, electricity, sensors) are redundant in at least 2 counts, meaning if one pump or sensor fails there is always a second to take over.
In the event of a power outage we have a manually started 10,000W generator for extended power failures.
We have 2 separate buildings for sativa and indica, with one having a large amount of floorspace and low overhead, and the other having massive overhead for tall plants. Feminized seeds means we don't have to worry as much about isolation.
We primarily run a sea of green with 40 - 60 plants at any given time (overall, not harvesting) and around 10-30 plants in their own cycles.
Thats an awesome sounding setup man, you quite obviously know very much what you are doing, do you plan to ever go 'legit' so to say? We are Caregivers in our state, we just don't let our patients or the State onto our "extra" plants. All products are either grown by us or another state approved medical facility.
EDIT: Caregivers are not registered in any way. Caregivers are not state registered dispensaries/growers, they are not doctors - they are normal people who grow cannabis in a legal state.
We are legitimate Caregivers in our state. Yes, to the already obvious cannabis friendly state. Beyond that caregivers are not registered - growers and dispensaries are but caregivers are not and can be nearly anyone, they just have to grow cannabis.
Doesn't that narrow down your location some? We are not a business, state registered dispensary, or state registered grower.
Do they not question how you made X amount of money per year with no real/legal job listed? We claim all money made and pay the appropriate taxes, although we do have cash reserves that we do not claim.
Do your parents know? :) Of course not.
Do you keep your customers data? (shipping address, bitcoin address, etc, ) If so why and how do you keep it safe? Temporarily yes. Our order form stores orders until we delete them or if no action is taken in 14 days. All stored data is encrypted via PGP, and upon package arrival all information is destroyed.
We do keep customers emails for future reference with repeat customers.
Would you ever do it again? We never stopped, we just made our own vendor store.
How do you see yourselves as different from other established clearnet cannabis websites such as We ship both to the USA and internationally ( does not ship to US, Sweden, or Norway) and use an encrypted form of hosting.
Why dont you see BMR as one of the top upcoming prospects..? backopy already proved loyalty by refunding all BTC when the site was taken down, due to a potential security flaw. Don't get us wrong, the vendors can be A+ on BMR however the fact that backopy A) Used a VPS to reduce amount of work B) Chose a unreliable VPS and C) never address the amateur coding issue.
Since we got the root we have since distanced ourselves as we saw that it was relatively insecure coding from what the index page indicated.
What are some of the legal problems your customers face? Have you had any reports on these? We've never had any reports of customers that have legal issues regarding our services.
How do you ship out 10lbs a week without alerting authorities? I understand if you can't go in depth here but any attempt at an answer would be appreciated :) We have never shipped 10 pounds at once - everything is quarter pounds to pounds. We simply make sure we can drop it off anonymously (dropbox or blue bin).
How long does that free shipping take domestically? Generally 3 days, however it can take up to 5 days.
What are your views on the sheep marketplace? Out of the major markets (SR, BMR, SMP) it's the best looking and, from what we can tell, has the best coding. That being said it is still a unstable site and many, many people widely regard it to be a honeypot.
We've sold on there before (previous to SR bust, not under same alias), it's not all too bad but we feel that it's simply trying to compete with BMR (and then SR) with it's features.
I understand the honeypot concept but surely if vendors move BTC daily out of the site then all they've lost is the vendor fee. Why do you believe its called a honeypot? Most answers seem to be because its called sheep. Honeypot means Law Enforcement Sting.
Yes i understand that, but if vendors and customers are safe then they have nothing to worry about. Im wondering why sheep is regarded as a honeypot. The only answer i have seen is because of the name 'sheep'. Why do you believe its a honeypot? Out of curiosity could you link us the discussions where these assumptions were based off of the site name?
Heres a few on reddit - Link to It seems most are simply speculation, and most arguments are literally because the sites name is sheep.
The reason for my questions are that I am considering heavy investment in becoming a vendor myself, so I am weighing up my options as to which is the most suitable marketplace. Thanks for your answers so far. The downside to sheep is that it is a foreign hosted site (India) and support can be a bit touchy, but otherwise if you use PGP for orders you shouldn't run any risk.
Interesting how did you find its hosted from india? Linguistics from Support.
Is it possible to insert packets of malware into Tor, as it is being downloaded? It would be quite hard if the end user validates the download. Download spoofing would be a more likely malicious method.
Bad wolf. We heavily expected a Dr. Who reference.
Just because you intercept a package doesn't mean you know where it came from. A single intercept also does not warrant a warrant.
Yes, that was a ridiculously stupid thing to say. There is more than enough information in this thread to narrow down the identity. Caregivers are not registered - growers and dispensaries are but caregivers are not and can be nearly anyone, they just have to grow cannabis.
The OP here may as well call the DEA hotline and leave his name. We are not a business, state registered dispensary, or state registered grower.
What makes you think this is a single person, or at that that Modern Culture would not know about handwriting forensics prior to doing an AMA?
It takes much more than a paragraph, current analytical techniques use several thousands of words to build a rudimentary analysis.
My suggestion: say nothing, do nothing, don't infer anything, etc.
How do you not get caught in the Deep Web if the Govt. own a portion of Tor. Source - Times Mag. Because the Govt. does not own a portion of TOR and TOR has yet to be shown as insecure.
The tor project gets government funding. In and of itself that should tell you something. That should tell you that TOR was developed by the US Navy and nothing more. Government funding =/= owning portions of TOR. Most likely a private company owns the majority of TOR exit nodes. I2P is recently reguarded a safer because of the misconception that any of the pasts busts have been at fault of TOR, which is false. All vasts were social busts, where admins made mistakes in withholding their identity. I2P has just as many theoretical flaws as TOR does (actually quite a few more) but neither TOR nor I2P have ever shown to be insecure. I2P is no safer than TOR if you don't practice personal security. Both are secure and (currently) unbreakable as of this time.
I believe the future of darknet markets is in .I2p. It is much more secure than tor. This isn't my opinion. I am too uneducated to have one. This comes from those much more well versed in programming and net sec issues.
Cops. Not a concern to us.
Would it be like He logs into Tor then from there logs into I2P OR would it be like Him saying that he would use I2P before he would use Tor. I'm so confused sorry. Log into your VPN, then log onto OTR or I2P. In exteme situations you can tell I2P or TOR to use a certain port to forward it though it's counterpart (TOR through I2p or I2P through Tor)
I'm too stup-itt use TOR. Can I get some pot anyway? We have a .com site that explains everything and provides links on how to download and use TOR and I2P.
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Updated: Bob Loukas 4 Year Cycle! 98% Confident $3100 Was Bottom [Bitcoin Analysis]

Discord (Krowns Crypto Cave) - Twitter - - The digital hub o... updates: Just got two big payment yesterday, good luck folks! Hello guys this is... Bitcoin's 4 Year Cycle - Opportunity (Original Author) - Duration: 25:38. Bob Loukas 104,469 views. 25:38. How To Trade, Invest & Profit in This CRAZY Market! - Duration: 44:46. ... In todays video we take a look at the Bitcoin price and what to expect the next couple of days, weeks. Also taking a look into my TOP 5 alt coins , BTCPAY and Facebook. Also sharing on which ... Is the world about to experience its worse financial crisis since 1930? Gold hits highest levels in over seven years while #Bitcoin and cryptocurrency remain...